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hip hop

Seen recently in some popular movies such as Honey, You got Served, Step Up 1 and 2 and Save the Last Dance 1 and 2, Hip Hop is one of the most popular dance styles today.
In This class you will learn some popping and locking, old and new styles of hip hop and some moves you may have seen in music videos by artists like Usher and Beyonce and much more.

Classes are one hour in length and are once a week.
The season runs from September through May.
You must be at least 7 years old to enroll in this class.

Dress code:

Sneakers (see teacher for style) a top and pants that you can move freely in.
Nothing excessively baggy, pants may not be under feet and tops may not cover the hands.

Jeans or corduroy are not acceptable in any classes of dance.
Jewelry of any kind is not accepted.

These dress code rules are in place for the dancers safety.


1. NO jeans, cords, excessively baggy clothing or jewelry in class.

2. NO gum or candy in class.

3. NO gymnastics in class.

4. Indoor Voices only please.

5. NO sitting on shelves or hanging from coat racks.

6. Keep Quiet and LISTEN to your teachers when they are speaking or Demonstrating.

7. NO fighting or shoving, EVERYONE is a team and MUST work together.

8. MOST important HAVE FUN !