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Welcome to Amanda's School of Dance.
From here you can choose a dance category from the left hand side to see what types of dance lessons are available.

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Dance is a fun way to keep fit and keeps you active.
It improves discipline and focus and it is also a great way to make new friends, plus a great way to shed unwanted pounds.
Dance is also a great way to build self confidence and improve flexability.
Its just fun and anyone can dance from 3 to 83.

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* Amanda School of Dance is the only dance school in Saint John to Offer Hawaiian dance classes.

* We have extra classes for the year end showcase for FREE.

* We have our own British DJ, who makes unique music for all our classes and performances.

* We take part in the annual Saint John " Santa Claus Parade ".

* We encourage a fun and friendly environment, great for making new friends.

* We have a Christmas performance and party for all our students.

* We offer discounts to " Pro Kids ", so more underprivileged children can learn to dance.

* We have a year end recital that everyone can participate in, no matter what their ability level !

* Smaller class sizes, so each student gets more personal attention.

* We teach for the love of dance and not the love of money.

* Professionally trained dance teacher who has 25 plus years of experience, scoring 100% on each of her dance exams, competing in several competitions with many 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards and has performed at various events in and around the city.

* We make memories that last a lifetime.